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Abra Moore -wt Everything Changed -wl Koch -wf In 1998, Abra Moore was nominated for a Grammy for “Four Leaf Clover,” and her songs have been featured in dozens of movies and TV shows since, from Cruel Intentions and Happy, Texas to Melrose Place and Dawson’s Creek. This might give you an indication of the kind of songs she writes, but it’d be wrong to draw too hasty conclusions based on this. Sure, there are the occasional forays into bland production and clichéd pop convention here, but more often than not, Everything Changed demonstrates that you needn’t follow the rules in order to get on top of the game. -wm Assisted by longtime production collaborator Mitch Watkins alongside Jay Joyce (Tim Finn, Lisa Germano) and Saddle Creek stalwart Mike Mogis, Moore carves out a rich and exciting niche for herself, regularly throwing in the odd musical twist to make sure things remain interesting throughout. Kicking off with the Spector-esque “I Do,” the album’s first half tends to stay on the safe side of things, but Moore’s creative arrangements prevent it from getting too predictable. -wm The album’s latter half shows off her true talent, though, this being a far more subdued and brashly intimate affair. And when even the hidden cover version of 10cc’s schmaltzy “I’m Not In Love” fails to suck thoroughly, you just know that Abra Moore has got to have something going for her. -wd Koch: -wb Stein Haukland

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