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The Emergency

How Can You Move?

Geez, another band out of West Virginia! This one is a power-pop trio, and they even have at least one really cool song! It’s a basic drum and guitar band, but they pull out a powerful hook for the opening track, “Church of the Chix Denomination.” This song alone is enough to seek out this album – the band has been kind enough to post it on their website in case you can’t find the disc.

How Can You Move is a beautiful assemblage of straightforward rock and roll, with tight melodies that stick in your mind and lyrics that just might become comprehensible if you put this in your commuter rotation. There are other noteworthy songs, too. “Morning Announcements” pounds out another potential college radio hit, and “Wedding Announcement” is a clever story of the band doing a wedding even though they don’t think the marriage will last. Nothing experimental here, no cutting edge methods or far out politics – this is just solid party music. Maybe they’ll come through town some night.

The Emergency:

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