Volume & Density

Asian Man

Duvall is a tremendous band who is basically unknown. Yet, their past is a gigantic Godzilla-sized monster. Duvall is basically the Smoking Popes, both in membership and sound, only more creative, mature and knowledgeable about the world than the Popes ever were.

There’s a certain sense of longing and sadness to Volume & Density, one similar to the longing feel of the Popes’ classic Born to Quit. The first song on the album, “All in Your Hands,” will make Popes fans smile with glee and happiness. The guitars are powerful, the hooks are huge, the drums steamroll and Josh Caterer’s vocals haven’t lost a thing since the Popes’ era. The next song, “Way Deep Inside,” is a sped up rocker which made itself an instantly recognizable favorite of mine. The rest of the tracks range from slow plodders of sadness to up tempo pop-punk gems, all as great or better than the Smoking Popes at their very finest.

I hope fans of Smoking Popes realize that Duvall is out there. Volume & Density will instantly cure what they’ve been longing for over the past few years: a new Smoking Popes full length!

Duvall: http://www.duvallmusic.com/ • Asian Man Records: http://www.asianmanrecords.com/

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