John DeGrazio

John DeGrazio

Abandoned World


Depressingly melancholic and refreshingly upbeat in equal measure, Abandoned World makes for an extremely interesting listen. DeGrazio, a two-time ASCAP award winner, is a solo artist in the truly literal sense: writing and playing almost everything in sight on all 12 songs — no mean feat considering the diversity of styles displayed here.

From the folk styling of “Let It Go,” to the modern rock of “With You Always” and standout cut “Something Chemical,” to the Gabriel-esque undertones of “Under The Weather,” Abandoned World evokes a plethora of influences as diverse as Splender and the Wallflowers, as well as less commercial leanings.

It’s an impressive combination, and the quality continues on tracks like the pop-rock of “Water” and the pensive reflections of the country-tinged “Dream A Little While,” as DeGrazio manages to create a lush sonic landscape and heavy atmosphere in his music.

Almost entirely self-produced, self penned and self-performed and filled with strong songs, Abandoned World should be an inspiration for every independent artist out there. Whether he remains independent for much longer, remains to be seen.

John DeGrazio:

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