Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow

The Garbageman and the Prostitute

Gold Standard Laboratories

Kill Me Tomorrow are slowly making a name for themselves by releasing unique records on Gold Standard Laboratories. The Garbage Man and the Prostitute follows suit in their unique category, giving the band what they need to take the next step forward into indie rock stardom: a truly solid full-length.

Whereas their previous work features post-punk akin to Joy Division and The Birthday Party, The Garbageman… finds the band using more electronic and programmed beats. They continue with the weird, angular guitars to make a sound similar to Beck’s early work, with a new wave/gothic feel. The vocals are delivered predominantly through distortion boxes and with other weird effects. The guitars are distorted, awkward and bizarre. The rest of the music is all manner of weird dissonance, shouts and other spooky fare.

“I Require Chocolate” is the band at their best: playing Sonic Youth sounding post-punk with lots of tribal drums and other dark atmospherics. “Black Shifties” features overdriven bass guitar, an almost backward sounding drumbeat and scary guitar noises. “Chart of You” is another classic, continuing the tribal beats and guitar weirdness.

For the most part, though, I expected a lot more from this full length. There’s just too much nonsense on The Garbageman…; and I really don’t care for the programmed drumbeats. I probably won’t ever listen to this full length again after I get done reviewing it, as it just annoys me more than anything else.

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