Marmalade -wt Beautiful Soup -wl March -wf Assisted by Ladybug Transistor’s Jeff Baron, Sasha Bell and Gary Olson, Brooklyn’s Marmalade revitalizes the fluid and gentle side of Elephant 6’s psych-pop. This music is drenched in comfort and sweet melodies; perfect for lazy mornings and quiet evenings. It’s hardly revolutionary in its complacency and harmonic richness, but it’s absolutely lovely nonetheless, brimful of intimate and elegant songs that snuggle up beside you. Moving from instrumentally naked affairs to more fleshed-out tunes, the sheer scope and richness of ideas make sure this never gets too droll during its brief half hour. Its carefully controlled pop perfection may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty hard to resist gems like “1899,” “Hybrid Hearts” and “I’m Your Dad.” And why would you want to do that, anyway? -wd March Records: -wb Stein Haukland

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