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Well, this is one of the most relaxing records I’ve reviewed in a long time. Reclinerland, a Portland, Oregon outfit consisting mostly of the multi-talented Michael George Johnson, puts out a smooth yet very interesting sound that lies somewhere between jazz, folk, and big band, while avoiding all the tired clichés of the styles. Noteworthy songs? I just can’t get enough of “Long Island Love Song,” a lament about a woman not meeting the man of her dreams, with the wonderful chorus “Come closer, cop a feel, it’s no joke, cop a feel.” You’ve got to love that sort of forward-thinking tune. Then there’s “Rue Lane,” a French-accordion-sounding tune about a man whose entire life is devoted to maintaining a piece of Irish Highway. Very progressive, and very listenable.

Accompanying this neat little disc is an amazing booklet with old time pictures and completely plausible sounding back stories to each song, each of which sounds just a bit off, until you realize the subtle satire behind it. You also get music and lyrics for each song, as well as chords, so you could in theory program the whole schlimazel into a MIDI player and replicate the album. This is an entertainment package that works on multiple levels, and would be a fine accompaniment to your next classy wine tasting party, assuming you invite me. I can bring the music.

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