Soiled Doves

Soiled Doves

Soiled Life


Soiled Doves, a group that no longer exists, was comprised of members of Chromatics and The Blood Brothers. This eight track release is apparently the breadth of their production during their two years of existence.

I can understand why this was released. Imagine taking Gang of Four’s rhythm section and asking Guy Piccioto from Fugazi to sing; that about sums it up. The songs swing and sway in pretty much the same manner that Gang of Four’s, Nation of Ulysses’s and other angular math bands of prominence did. The lead vocalist Johnny, of Blood Brothers fame, gets really spastic and freaky; his enthusiasm for the songs makes them shine with a newly polished sheen. The guitars are very awkward and bizarre sounding, while the drums are pure math 101.

Fans of angular math punk will go absolutely nuts over Soiled Life, as will fans of snotty Make-Up-style punk stuff. The irony of listening to this album is I like it much better than anything I’ve ever heard by The Blood Brothers — yet Johnny left Soiled Doves to commit full time to The Blood Brothers.

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