The Gurus

The Gurus

The Gurus

Rainbow Quartz

This Barcelona-based trio delivers an unhealthy dose of Revolver-era psychedelia and Byrds-y jangle pop on their self-titled release. Impressive natural sounding harmonies and backwards guitars highlight tunes like opener “Big Sea.” On “Kamala Part 2,” you’ll be checking to make sure you didn’t put on the Nuggets box set by mistake. On the wah-wah guitar-fed “Fly So High,” they attempt a funky groove. “Falling I’m Falling” tones down the psychedelia in favor of straight ahead pop.

The problem is, these guys don’t have much of an identity to call their own. The Gurus even go so far as to borrow a song title from The Beatles on the Merseybeat-style “It’s Only Love.” Plus, the weak and occasionally awkward lyrics appear to have lost something in the translation from Spanish.

Occasionally, a fun melody boosts this beyond a spot the influence game, as on “Sleeping Girl” and “Feeling Afraid.” And the concluding track, “Gerdundula,” takes off in a different direction entirely. More layered, backwards tracked guitars weave in and out of a darker, electronic rock groove. But The Gurus could use some more originality to go with their impressive record collection.

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