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Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start -wt Perris, CA -wl Limekiln -wf Wow! These guys, in spite of their ridiculous name, are really good. They remind me of a more melodic Braid and a less wussy Coheed and Cambria. Perris, CA is a five song EP that provides the perfect opportunity for a prospective fan to try these boys out. -wm Up Up Down Down (as the kids refer to them) are pretty much as emo as emo can get, but more in the mid- to late-1990s Mineral or Boys Life sense of the word. The songs are drawn out, mini-operas based on spectacular guitar-work, precise drumming and sparse, emotionally driven vocals. -wm This EP is actually a lot tougher and harder than what I’ve heard from them in the past, and I must admit that I like the tougher Up Up Down Down better. If you’re looking for something to remind you of the wonderful late-1990s as a time of awesome melodic post-punk, seriously give these guys a try. They just keep getting better, and I’ll bet they find their way out of obscurity in the near future. -wd Limekiln Records: -wb Daniel Mitchell

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