Zebrahead -wt MFZB -wl Columbia -wf Hmmm… Weird band name, and not at all what I had expected this to be. I figured that this would be some nu-metal goth album, but it’s actually a cross between major label punk, watered down gutter punk and rap-metal. Go figure… -wm What’s funny is that I actually like some of the songs on MFZB. The vocalist has a well-trained singing voice, but he’s also able to growl and get tough. The guitars remind me of early 1990s Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph bands, a la Propaghandi, Hi-Standard, etc. The drummer for Zebrahead is an absolute machine, hitting his drums both fast and extremely hard. The songs here are solid hard rock pop numbers with occasional pseudo-emo styling, but without the corny pretension. The aspects of rap-metal which float in and out of focus are what keep this album from actually being something I’d ever listen to again. The vocalist does some super-corny 311 sounding white boy rap stuff that not only sounds bad, but is also quite boring. -wm I’ll never listen to this one again, as the “rap” parts are unforgivable. But were I a fan of that kind of music, I would be quite delighted to hear MFZB. Seriously! I actually like these guys much more than 311, Limp Bizkit, Mest, or any of the other nu-metal rap schlock of the last few years. -wd Zebrahead: http://www.zebrahead.com/ -wb Daniel Mitchell

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