Kaiju Big Battel

Kaiju Big Battel

Redline Entertainment

On the surface Kaiju Big Battel should be a classic party video. The mix of Japanese-inspired monster costumes and wrestling mixed with some GWAR-styled grossness should be requisite viewing at college parties nationwide. Alas it is not to be. The makers of Kaiju Big Battel are trying way too hard to be strange and funny to be strange and funny. The wrestling isn’t good enough to keep wrestling fans interested and the humor is too thin to keep anyone else interested. Terrible puns and bad Asian dialects are what pass for the humor content. The main commentator is called Louden Noxious and the referee wears a wig and moustache that would have been home in the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” video, ’nuff said? If they had played it straight the video might have had some great camp value. It is always problematic when people try to create a cult film. Wonderfully strange film has to be discovered. When you cynically try to force something into the odd and wonderful category you generally fail miserably because the wonder of something like an Ed Wood film is the makers’ earnest dedication to something terrible, as opposed to intentionally making something “bad.” I have to say the most entertaining part of the video are the ads for merchandise that have some freakish amateur charm to them, not to mention good-looking Asian girls. It’s especially bad when the live audience even looks bored.

The picture and sound are nothing to get excited about. The shot-on-video look gains nothing from the DVD format. Also the few extras on the disc are mostly comprised of ads for KBB merchandise, and a Piebald music video.

If you like to watch giant monsters wrestling check out an old school Godzilla movie. Might I suggest Monster Zero, or Godzilla Vs the Cosmic Monster.

Kaiju Big Battel: http://www.kaiju.com/

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