100 Demons

100 Demons

100 Demons


Stupendously evil, this is uprooted metalcore from a band that wouldn’t recognize a joke if someone stuffed it up their nose. 100 Demons sing about death, decay and, in clich•d hardcore tradition, about friendships that last forever, even when the whole world, it seems, is destined to pull these good punks apart. Vocalist Pete Morcey growls and grinds, but his words are still distinguishable — a rare treat in this vein of music. The rest of the band follows suit; their playing is overdriven and pummeling, yet distinct and super tight. “Time Bomb” and “Dying in My Own Arms” deliver the goods musically, but the lyrics are self-obsessed and self-pitying. 100 Demons, in fact, are more convincing when their lyrics try to approach the gritty, furiously mad music of theirs. The guys most definitely have some issues to work out, and doing it through music seems to help, if not for them, then certainly for the listener. 100 Demons may not have too many ideas going for them, but they deliver the stuff with such vengeance and violence that it’s no problem staying with them until the end — especially when the album is over in a mere 26 minutes.

Deathwish: www.deathwishinc.com/

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