Weigh Your Conscience

Attention Deficit Disorder

Weigh Your Conscience is the latest from hard rockers Altaira, and while the cover artwork is terrible, the music inside is aggressive, driving and thoroughly good. This EP clocks in at just over half an hour, and from the first few bars to the very last note, it’s full of fast-paced and sweaty guitar-driven punk, similar to early Jawbreaker. The lead vocalist has a very Blake Schwarzenbach-like voice: strained, scratchy, guttural, gargled and gnarled. The guitars are very early 1990’s Gilman St. pop-punk sounding (trim on low and heavy on the treble.) The bass guitar seems to be non-existent here, but these guys are so good that such a problem doesn’t really matter. The songs are incredibly tight, catchy, punchy and dirty feeling, coming together to make a nice little seven song slab of balls out rock!

Attention Deficit Disorder:

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