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Blink 182

Blink 182


Amazing, this self-titled album is Blink 182’s fifth studio opus, and I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised by its content. Expecting a barrage of puerile, unoriginal third-hand pop-punk, I was looking forward to reviewing this album in the same way a death row prisoner anticipates his last meal. And although it’s no classic, it is at least more experimental than the band’s previous efforts.

The first single, “I Miss You,” is indicative of the band’s new approach. It’s more mature, embraces different instrumentation and textures and sounds like nothing the band has done before. Ditto on the opener “Feeling This,” which borrows from the hardcore vibe of Zebrahead. “Go” is perhaps more like the old Blink 182, but the semi-instrumental “Down” is — dare I say — at times a challenging listen, and as far from their smash-hit “All The Small Things” as Blink 182 could get.

Record company bosses may have had sleepless nights upon hearing the finished album, but growing up with a maturing audience is a natural progression. Whether Blink 182 retains their status as pop-punk’s undisputed kings after this album remains to be seen.

Blink 182:

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