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Books Lie

Books Lie

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Brooklyn-based Books Lie lurk around on the darker side of the 1980s hardcore terrain, recalling T.S.O.L. and even the Butthole Surfers in their frenzied, offbeat and twisted punk rock glory. The first half of this disc represents the band’s first full-length release, a record of whimsical and oddly timed hardcore, the vocalist taking center stage with his manic lines and panicking squeals. It’s an intense affair, funny and erratic, with obvious highpoints including “Hold Your Tongue” and “Bread to Steal,” both somewhat resembling what Mclusky do today.

The disc’s latter half compiles all of the band’s earlier singles and b-sides, proving if nothing else that Books Lie have gotten better with time. All the band’s characteristics are in place even at this point, but Books Lie had yet to gain the focus needed to fully realize their ideas, and while there’s occasionally good stuff to be found, the band’s early material fails to engage on the same level as their recent work. Which must certainly be a good sign for the future of the band.

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