Crap on a bun. That is exactly what the band Cheeseburger is. Before I even listened to this EP, there were two very obvious warnings that told me “these guys suck.”

  1. They joyously proclaim to have no talent and no ambition. That’s usually not a selling point for a band. I’m sure that they were just joking, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it.

  1. The cover art is a cheeseburger coming out of someone’s butt.

My senses must have been numb when I put this in my CD player and pressed play. This trio has no talent. I’m not quite sure how they were even signed to a label. They attempt to be a retro classic rock band with a lead singer who is a third-rate Led Zeppelin rip-off. Thank God that this is a 4 song EP that is only 10 minutes long. I don’t think I could handle any more. They sound as if they were just screwing around in their garage. The drums occasionally skip around with no sense of rhythm. Joe, the lead singer, sounds as if his head is going to explode – or maybe he’s just constipated, I don’t know. The riffs are generic and sound like they were recorded back in the 1970’s – which I’m sure was intentional – but it still doesn’t mask how bad this group really is. They somehow opened for !!!, as well. Whoever made that happen should be fired. If this is the only music that this group records, the music world will be better for it.

Aerodrome Records:

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