Back to Times of Splendor

Metal Balde

Incredible! Metal fans, go out and pick this one up, even before you finish reading this review. This is one of the best albums that I’ve heard in many moons. Back to Times of Splendor takes melodic thrash metal in a new and exciting direction, one full freshness and excitement!

The musicianship displayed by the members of Disillusion is absolutely stunning. The guitarists are extremely creative, coming up with wonderful melodies often played at extremely fast speeds. Combined with the drummer’s cadence, they make a really crazy sounding bed of aggression. There are times, too, when the band breaks into laid-back, folk-sounding interludes, complete with acoustic guitars and piano. Most of the time I would find this nauseating, but they do it in such a way that I actually enjoy it. The vocalist has a mature, serious and well-trained voice, making him sound like a cross between Peter Steele and Peter Murphy. His voice has great range, and never comes off as corny. The songs themselves are often long, complex, progressive and take time to develop; I can’t imagine how long it must take these guys to write a song, as each has a million twists and turns!

Back to Times of Splendor is the kind of album that fans of Opeth, Redemption and other progressive bands will enjoy. Disillusion is one of the hardest prog-metal bands I’ve ever heard. You better be ready for some loud guitars if you’re going to check this out. This is a really excellent album, and I like the direction in which these guys are taking their metal.

Metal Blade Records: www.metalblade.com/

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