Any Day Now

Red Submarine

Any Day Now emphatically confirms that former Gufs frontman Goran Kralj is one of the most talented pop-rock songwriters around.

The Gufs were one of Milwaukee’s most successful bands, reaching national acclaim with the release of their self-titled album on Atlantic Records. The trademark melodies evident on such Gufs classics as Holiday From You remain in abundance on Any Day Now. However, the vibe and lyrical themes of Goran’s songs are a lot more upbeat and positive. The delicate, pretty pop-rock of “Closer You Get” is one such example. The whole album is littered with inspiring takes on subjects such as taking chances (“Don’t Look Back”), moving on (“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down”) and individuality (“To Be Me”).

It’s an infectiously melodic collection with enough of a contemporary edge to satisfy modern rock listeners who enjoy bands such as The Calling. “Ready To Fall” is a song that given the right promotion could easily be as big a hit as “Wherever You Will Go.” The mid-tempo “I’ll Be Around” is of a similar ilk, and although the overly polished production of Goran and Mike Bliesner never really allows any of the songs to rock out, “Long Way Out” and “Easier Said” sufficiently raise the tempo. The dark and brooding “Stay” is an intriguing listen. The beautiful closing track, “Until You’re Gone,” is a spine-chilling, highly personal piano ballad that manages to remain on the acceptable side of heartfelt.

Some listeners may find the songs here too commercial, but Goran makes no excuses for that. Any Day Now is an album made on his own terms, and is undeniable proof of his underrated talent.

Goran: www.goranmusic.com/

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