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The Firebird Suite/Project/Band



Here’s a band that’s completely opaque on many levels. First, the name seems to shift from Firebird Project to Firebird Band to Firebird Suite, although none of these incarnations’ sound suggests flight or flame. Musically, this is completely unrelated to the Stravinsky piece you may have heard in music appreciation class – while that broke new ground, this only breaks the listener’s patience. Firebird centers on Christopher Broach and features a guitar and some drums, lacks melodies or hooks and emits a dark brooding tonality. All the songs sound more like the band is still tuning up, and then hanging out until an audience arrives. The biggest deviation from the norm is “Cannonball,” but not to the point of being memorable.

Frankly, this album would be lucky to get airplay on a late night college station. The guitar work is depressing, the drumming seemingly random and the dark moody words neither inspire nor create introspection. Songs start and end in the same dingy frame, differentiating them is difficult and it’s not clear what subject Mr. Broach is trying to broach. Firebird Project is not only unlistenable, but painfully so. I would compare it unfavorably to Metal Machine Music, but at least Mr. Reed was trying to break a contract. I don•t see any high moral justification for this awful disc. Stravinsky should be rolling over in his grave, if only he cared.

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