Poisonous Friend EP


As if their full-length album Beyond Flatline was not enough, Seabound bless us once more with their latest offering. The Poisonous Friend EP is loaded with brilliant re-workings of the single, along with two exclusive non-album tracks. The first remix is exquisitely performed, with drum sounds reaching the red line. A passionate vocal performance accompanies the musical mayhem, bringing the masses to their feet. The Iris remix starts off with a softer approach, leaning towards techno. Space age sound design combines with robot-like vocal effects for a galactic effect. By Cut Rate Box’s “Contact” remix, things get very interesting. Distorted bleeps play alongside throbbing bass lines and prepare the listener for an upcoming synthesized battle ground. I particularly like the metallic percussion elements with highly processed vocal textures. This is one serious remix that will challenge even the most avid studio engineers.

Haujobb brings a smooth vibe to “Watching Over You” with moving beats and percussion. The non-album track “Without You” offers a synth-pop tapestry. The catchy chorus, “without you, day is nothing but a waste of light,” keeps you engaged. I could see this becoming a huge radio hit. “Transformer” is transformed into a groovy track with a hip hop feel. The vocal distortion on the chorus fits nicely here. The EP climaxes with “Traitor,” a mean electro machine. Easily the strongest of the set, “Traitor” presents a dark and sinister realm bursting with energy. This one is capable of waking the dead. Following in this scheme, the PF club mix leaves no dance floor stone unturned. Finally, we come to the Severed Heads’ remix, a noisy blend of programming and effects processing. This is my least favorite version.

The great thing about this release is that it’s much more than just a CD single with a few remixes thrown in. The non-album tracks and superb artwork make this a worthy addition to the Seabound catalog.

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