Still Life

Still Life

The Incredible Sinking Feeling


The fact that there are thousands of bands in the musical world all fighting to be heard is both wonderful and sad. It’s wonderful, because of the choice of music with which it provides us. It’s sad, however, because bands like Still Life, for whatever reason, sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Still Life is a pillar in the melodic post-punk (“emo”) community. They’ve been together for more than a decade, creating some of the darkest, moodiest and truly spectacular music of the late 1990s and today. Their sound is a cross between Mineral’s penchant for building song structures, Shotmaker’s heavy guitars and lazy, world-weary vocals. To fans, this is uniquely and unmistakably “Still Life.”

The Incredible Sinking Feeling is a bit heavier than their previous efforts, both in ferocity and mood. The songs plod along, pulling at the heartstrings while simultaneously rockin’ out. The guitars have a muddy, gnarled quality to them that gives the album a withered feeling. Fans will like this Still Life album, as it’s classic Still Life; people who’ve never heard them before may also want to give this one a try. You know if Braid was still around that you’d buy their records, right? Well, Still Life was one of Braid’s peers, so check out why they are considered legends.

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