The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers

Live: No Food Jokes Tour


While it appears many musicians aspire to be actors — Sting and Jon Bon Jovi to name but two — it also seems many actors aspire to be musicians. Keanu Reeves has tried his hand with his band Dogstar, Minnie Driver will release an album of self-penned songs later this year and Kevin Bacon forms part of The Bacon Brothers with, surprisingly enough, his brother Michael.

It’s no side-hobby, either, for the Flatliners and Footloose star. Judging by the quality of the musicianship on this two-disc live set, Live: No Food Jokes Tour, Kevin Bacon obviously dedicates as much professionalism to his music as he does to his acting. The Bacon Brothers’ sound is somewhere between MOR and country, and as a result, is about as edgy as a Celine Dion album. But that’s not to say Bacon cannot compose, or hold, a tune. He writes or co-writes nearly every song, including opening track, “Woman’s Got a Mind to Change,” a pleasant mid-paced, country tune which showcases his vocals well.

Elsewhere, fans are treated to favorites from the band’s three studio albums, including the rocky “Summer of Love,” the tongue-in-cheek “I’m So Glad I’m Not Married,” as well as an inevitable yet credible version of “Footloose,” a schmaltzy Everly Brothers medley and an interview with the brothers detailing their musical heritage.

There’s nothing outstanding about Live: No Food Jokes Tour, and whether Bacon would have made a music career without piggy-backing on his filmic fame is debatable. But whether you like Kevin Bacon or not — or polished country music, for that matter — the quality he has shown on this artistic endeavor at least deserves credit.

The Bacon Brothers:

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