The Hiss

The Hiss

Panic Movement


I have had it with the over abundance of bands who think that garage rock is really cool. I don’t like The Strokes, I don’t like The White Stripes and I really don’t like The Hiss. Not only is the music bad, but the artwork is silly, and their look is totally ’60’s shtick. Yuck!

First of all, the vocalist is completely annoying, having said “baby” at least a million times on Panic Movement. He’s got a very hipster-esque voice, and his syllable pronunciation screams “I love crappy singers who are famous because of their ‘attitude’.” Next, there’s the neutered band, who probably think they really rock out with their bad selves. The drums do have a pretty powerful kick drum, but there is little in the way of variation in fills and standard time keeping. The guitars have a very watered-down, major label feel to them, lacking any sort of punch. The overall feel of the album is that stupid hipster feeling that was really popular in the late 1990’s, as if the members in the band were somehow touched with the divine hand of “hipness” the moment they chose a single syllable band name with “the” in front of it.

Needless to say, I hate this album more than I have hated an album in a long time. I hope these mooks end up getting into a bar brawl at one of their “intimate bar gigs” that leads them to suffer substantial injury and break up.

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