The Reputation

The Reputation

The Reputation

To Force a Fate


Those of you old enough to remember Sarge might have an interest in The Reputation. This is Elizabeth Elmore’s latest band. While Sarge was expected to rule the world by the end of the ’90’s, they instead broke up in 1999. The Reputation formed shortly thereafter, releasing their first album on Initial in 2002.

If you are at all familiar with their first album, To Force a Fate offers pretty much the same thing, but with a glossier sheen: driving drums, heavily overdriven guitars, chunky bass and Elmore’s gorgeous, Tanya Donnelly-esque vocals. “Bottle Rocket Battles” sounds like something that could be successful on the radio today (given that Liz Phair’s guitar heavy pop is now in the Top 40). The guitars pound and plod atop the drummer’s attack on his bass drum. Elmore’s vocals coo and soar above the instruments, very similar to the now radio queen Phair’s style. Comparisons to The Breeders, Pixies and Belly beg to be made from time to time, but The Reputation have a clearer and more focused delivery than the sketchy Breeders and the hit or miss Belly.

There’s something to be said for experience in musicianship. I’m not sure how popular or successful The Reputation will be in the future, but the music is absolutely rockin’ and truly enjoyable. I actually like this band much more than I ever did Sarge, which says a lot, as Sarge was pretty damn good. I highly recommend this one!

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