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Get Fucked

Get Fucked


Philadelphia’s Get Fucked features members from Neil Perry and LickGoldenSky, and it sounds like it too. The crushing violence of the latter band is heavily present here, especially on the manically building “Installation Frenzy,” one of the standout moments of this 8-track mini-album. The album sounds almost casually thrown together, with the songs regularly based around simple riffs and repetition. But somehow it all works perfectly. The band’s intense performance gives the impression that these guys could play anything and it would still feel gloriously punishing.

The whole affair lasts for little more than a quarter of an hour, but that’s long enough to leave you crushed and drained on the floor, gasping for air and nursing a headache. The music’s dense and volatile, the songs leap on top of each other as if they’re trying to destroy whatever’s around them. In small doses, this is great hardcore taking a cue from grind, the way it’s supposed to be.

The metal riffage of “Exciting Irish Nativity” is enough to make you want to hear more from these guys (after you’ve recovered from the initial shock and unavoidable migraine), and “It’s a Petites and Juniors” convincingly displays the band’s tight, frenzied nature. It’s not clever, in the way most Level-Plane bands tend to be; Get Fucked favors aggression in repetition over epileptic time-signatures and constant variation. But it’s equally, if not more, intense. Music to pass out to.

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