Year Future

Year Future

Year Future


It seems like it’s been a while since GSL has had a band that I really, truly enjoy, but this Year Future EP has made me a believer again. The band is comprised of ex-members of VSS, Angel Hair, Creeps on Candy, The Fucking Angels, The Pattern and more. Their sound is angular post-punk, a la Mission of Burma crossed with Circus Lupus and Gang of Four, updated for today’s listener.

Year Future vocalist Sonny Kay totally freaks out throughout the entire EP, screaming and flailing with reckless abandon, as the band occasionally throws in some shouts and scream of their own. The guitars are the true stars of this show, however, as they play all manner of weirdness, both tone- and melody-wise. The bass guitar has a nice, warm overdriven sound, and there are random weird noises which sound as if they were created by a keyboard of some sort. Year Future is aggression without the pretension that typically comes out of Southern California, and it’s one of the best releases I’ve heard this year, period.

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