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Raise Your Fist to Metal

Noise / Sanctuary

For a guy who’s played with everyone from Savatage to Bronx Casket Co. to Seven Witches to Metallium, Jack Frost is less recognized on the heavy metal scene than he should be. This first solo album, following the much acclaimed Seven Witches’ second album, may not change much of that, but that’s not Frost’s fault; in fact, this album is an energized hard rock affair. It’s an album that’s able to make something sensible out of the stagnating power metal scene. The most notable thing about the album is the ridiculously impressive cast of guest players included: guys from Harem Scarem, Armored Saint, Fates Warning, W.A.S.P., Symphony X, Overkill, and many others are taken on board and contribute to the musical diversity and sheer competence on here (notably, though, no former Savatage pals have been enlisted), most of them even involved in the songwriting process.

Both the guest list and Frost’s own history hint at the musical diversity on here, moving from NWOBHM to US power metal and all points in between, the focus remaining on competent songwriting rather than flashy performances. As a guitarist Frost is restrained but expressive throughout. Cover versions of Kansas’ “Fight Fire with Fire” and Ratt’s “Lack of Communication” underline the diversity of the album, but Frost’s own songs are even more enjoyable than these rather dubious hard rock classics. A thoroughly enjoyable album from one of the most sympathetic and dedicated performers on the underground hard rock scene today.

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