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Let me ask you this, my interesting Judeo-Christian friends (as George Carlin once said):

How much do you like your electro-pop? Is My Favorite your favorite? Do you totally dance to Casio-to-the-core drum loops, technotronic synths, samples, cymbals and beats? Do you live in the house electronique, are you down with IDM? Do you throw a bitch for glitch, or go off-pitch into a ditch?

These are not just idle questions. Because how much you like this CD will depend a lot upon how much you like those sounds I have just described. Now me, I happen to think these things are aiight, so I like this just fine.

The tracks, as a whole, score above those on the otherwise-similar latest Darla disc because they actually seem to be going somewhere, rather than gliding around in circles.

Orange Cake Mix’s “Beautiful Morigage Vase” gets a surprising amount of tranquility out of their bells and whistles, and Headphone Science’s “A Burning Rebel Fire” is similarly contemplative. “Raga For The Pale Blue Lights,” by Aarktica (w/ Aaron Spectre), is as surprisingly infectious, in its way, as the Orange Cake Mix; surprising because, as the title might imply, it’s the least pop track on the record.

On the other hand, (Zenas) Prime’s “Poppy Box” sounds like a single that was over-synthesized (as if there could ever be such a thing) to the point where it was encased in ice and then melted down into its watery components. A quality it shares with Fingernail’s epic – more than 10 minutes – finale, “Paen,” which wraps the whole thing up into strings of science fiction sounds.

Where it is these tracks seem to be going I couldn’t possibly tell you, but at least they seem to be going there on time–and maybe even a little bit ahead of schedule!

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