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Ingram Hill

June’s Picture Show


“Now we’ve got a major label behind us and it feels really good,” gushes Ingram Hill frontman Justin Moore in the band’s press bio. I do hope he doesn’t come to regret these words, as the thought of a major actually nurturing a promising young band instead of tossing them aside when the accountants frown upon seeing their plummeting sales figures is frankly laughable.

Still, at least Ingram Hill stands more of a chance than most since they recorded their debut, June’s Picture Show, before signing with Hollywood (and therefore presumably owe less in an advance). While it’s not a spectacular affair, it is a decent album with a couple of real high points.

Full of songs inspired by broken relationships and sounding like a hybrid of Train and Matchbox Twenty, June’s Picture Show is a little derivative at times, but songs like the raucous opener “Chicago” and the delightful pop-rock of “Almost Perfect” are standouts. The Eagles-esque country rock of “On My Way” is a pleasant diversion, while “To Your Grave” is a sombre, dark tale of unrequited love.

Ingram Hill certainly has talent and it’s to be hoped Hollywood allows them to stay the course and progress even more on album No. 2. Whether that happens, though, is probably up to the accountants.

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