Well, I probably won’t make any new friends with this review, but Domination is a big, stinking piece of crap. It must be cool now to play retro 1980s melodic/operatic thrash metal, but I am quite glad that that period of metal history has come and gone; sadly, the folks in Morifade are trying their hardest to keep it strong.

The album has lots of up-tempo — bordering on progressive rock sounding — epic songs, with lightning fast arpeggio-worshipping solos, and completely overdone vocals. Morifade’s lead vocalist reminds me of Geoff Tate of Queensryche, but the rest of the band does super corny back up “ahhh”s which are supposed to sound ominous, but actually just made me chuckle. The big and the grandiose are priority number one for the members of Morifade, with melodrama coming in a very close second (see the intro to “A Silent Revolution” for pure buttered corn). Occasionally a moronic keyboard floats in and out of the songs, giving the album an almost Jethro Tull kind of feel. I honestly don’t know why the guitarists even bother to palm mute their guitars while playing, because there’s no way anybody is going to find anything on Domination tough or even mildly intimidating.

I guess these guys are good musicians and they know lots of scales and stuff, but this sucks, period. I hated Dream Theatre with a passion, and at some point the guys in Morifade decided to dig up Dream Theatre’s rotting corpse. The taste I have in my mouth after hearing this album is awful, so I’m going to brush my teeth.

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