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Jonathan Goldman

Chakra Dance

Spirit Music

I’ll bet you thought dance music was for taking drugs, meeting chicks and getting sweaty. HA! You’d be on the wrong page with this innovative album, designed not to induce a euphoric dance state in your little brain, but to heal your entire Chakra system with psycho-acoustic tones, Cabbalistic vowels and what sounds like Tuvan Throat Singing.

Not in tune with your Chakras? That’s okay, there’s a handy little booklet on the topic included. You’ll learn about the location, meaning and sounds associated with each chakra, and what they do for you. The disc has seven tracks, one associated with each chakra in question. Weird little voices appear in the background, telling you, “The color of this chakra is ORANGE.” Nice. Other weird sounds appear, including the electronically modified voices of Tibetan monks. The whole album is intended to heal your soul, align you with the cosmos and add a little low-keyed dance music to your work day.

There’s rhythm there, but it’s not the strongest part of the music. It’s the general weirdness that’s appealing. I don’t know if this disc will really uplift your consciousness, although I did feel a bit better after listening.

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