Going Gone

Prison Jazz

The A-Sides – their corny look being ignored – are a really cool rock band. They play jangly guitar pop in a 1960s British Invasion fashion, and they do it well. This 7” offers up two new tracks of sticky sweet fun.

“Seeing Suzy” is an up-tempo rocker, complete with a jumpy guitar line that prances above the ride cymbal heavy drums. The lead vocalist has a really great shouted, strained-vocal-chords sound to his voice. The bass is almost inaudible, so things do tend to sound a bit thin at times. “Going Gone” is not nearly as good as the other song here. It sounds like the Monkees, and I hate the Monkees. Overall, this is a fun little 7” that hipsters will probably enjoy quite a bit.

Prison Jazz Records: www.prisonjazz.com/

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