Charles Afton

Charles Afton

Charles Afton

Lost Sunset Lounge (CD & DVD)


This is so gimmicky; you have to love it for its sheer audacity. Behind-the-scenes maven Charles Afton has put out a respectable disc of lounge music. It’s not Esquivel, but it’s weird enough and quiet enough to back up any sort of mild social interaction moderated by an open-ended time schedule and alcohol. The music is clear, a bit clunky, but not to the point you’d confuse “Fast Cars/Naked Women” and “Bird Sky Blue” or switch to another disc if you were comfortably seated and had at least half a Mai Tai left. What sets this apart is the bonus hour long DVD. It has the exact same music, but they set up a camera aimed at the Key West sunset. As boats and jets skis occasionally shoot across the screen, a GPS coordinate appears to let you know you haven’t really gone anywhere, and a clock updates at the end of each track, so there is some concrete record of your life slipping away. Not that that matters, after all, the whole point of Key West is dive all day, party all night. Sunset provides a much needed respite for the tourist or local. Time to re-hydrate, eat some solid food, check for sunburn or skin cancer and maybe remove a few jellyfish stings, if you’re unlucky enough to get hit. This is really a lot cooler than it sounds, and it’s worthwhile just to put on the TV when you have a group over, so it looks like you have a webcam from your condo on Mallory Square.


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