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Hey, what would happen if Robert Smith hung out with Devo? Heck, for all I know, they do — there’s that whole Famous People’s Universe out there that sometimes intersects our imaginations. Anyway, if they DID get together, they might just end up sounding like this one-man goth sound machine from somewhere in the dank Northwest of our great land. Adam Seven, a man who knows how to write a truly pathetic-sounding press release, did this whole disc on his computer: recording, mixing and printing the mailing label. The result is an interesting, professional project that ought to be getting some airplay somewhere, even if it’s only internet streaming radio.

Mr. Seven claims to be influenced by Mr. Smith, and he sure sounds like him — same sort of tonal range, similar pacing and modulation and if you just heard one of these cuts and someone said it was a previously unreleased Cure track, you’d be impressed and wonder why it was sitting on the shelf. Topics are typical goth: drugs, death and misery, whether self inflicted or brought on by unfulfilled emotional engagements with the worst thing possible, other human beings.

Since this guy claims no manager, distribution, or other manifestation of a “Real Band,” you may well have to visit his web site to get a copy of this album. But, if you wear black and get beat up a lot, the typing is worth the effort. It’s not exactly a tribute, and nowhere near a cover. It’s just a clean and similar sounding set of tracks suitable for the miserable phase of your life that is passing by right now.

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