Dexter Freebish

Dexter Freebish

Dexter Freebish

Tripped Into Divine


After finding moderate success with their debut album, A Life of Saturdays, Austin-based quartet Dexter Freebish discovered the ugly side of the (not so) glamorous music biz. Dropped by Capitol and seemingly staring into the abyss, a follow-up seemed remote. But the band regrouped, and has returned with the independently issued Tripped Into Divine, an album even better than its predecessor.

Evincing influences as diverse as INXS, Police and U2 on the slick “Pretty People,” the infectious “Ghosts” and the soaring “Heavy” respectively, Dexter Freebish have more about them than your average modern rock band, as ultra-melodic opener “Prozak” effortlessly shows. Elsewhere, the heartfelt ballad “How Do I Get Through To You” shows another side of the band’s songwriting, while “Save Me” evokes further comparisons to U2. “What I Need” is another gem, and the diversity of styles continues on the excellent “Wild Things” and quite brilliant “Twilight.”

The fact that Jessica Simpson’s dumb sister can get a record deal yet Dexter Freebish can’t is scathing proof of the music industry’s skewed priorities. But with an album as good as Tripped Into Divine, there’s no reason why the band can’t succeed on their own terms.

Dexter Freebish:

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