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Wow! Consider yourself lucky when you get to hear this one! Dove is the long awaited, mysteriously unreleased Floor album from way back in 1994. Thanks to the mindful people at No Idea, my head and bowels have been shaken to the core.

In a word: heavy. Floor swam the same waters as Earth, Sunn 0))), Melvins, Khanate, Swans and so many other ridiculously low end heavy sludge bands. I had the pleasure of seeing Floor live many moons ago, and my chest and stomach vibrated throughout the entire show! Thankfully, their mesmerizing live show is captured fairly well in the studio. The songs on Dove pass the test of time with flying colors. The guitars have a buzzsaw quality, but they’re played slowly and trudge along through the muck without much fanfare. The drums are, as expected, slow and plodding, and the vocals, which are sporadic and only occur during about 25% of the album, are somewhat buried yells and rants. But they fit perfectly. The feelings of doom and menace are the true stars here. Floor has never been gloomier, to say the least.

Many of you bothering to read this probably have Floor’s self-titled full length from No Idea; guess what… this is better! It’s much moodier and dark than the self-titled album, and it kicks way more booty. The CD comes with a really long, slow and very Southern Lord Records-esque 18-minute dirge of plodding filth. This album has owned my disc player for the last three days, and it will not relinquish its hold anytime soon.

No Idea: www.noidearecords.com

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