Flowers in the Attic Roma Delenda Est

Flowers in the Attic Roma Delenda Est

Flowers in the attic / Roma Delenda Est

Split 7”


I really enjoy the McCarthyism label. They consistently put out awesome releases, and this split, with gorgeous silver on black silk-screened covers, is just another brick in their very strong wall of a catalogue.

Flowers in the Attic plays violent, screamed emo stuff, in the same vein as Swing Kids, Angel Hair and pg. 99. Their music is reminiscent of the mid 1990s San Diego screamo scene. “Nameless & Faceless” is an up-tempo rocker, with lots of sloppy guitars and parched throat screaming. “I Hate New York” is a slower number that reminds me a little bit of Unwound’s first (self-titled) LP.

Roma Delenda Est plays super technical math metal with barked vocals; their sound is similar to Converge. The first song has a weird, trippy Jane’s Addiction-esque daydream part right in the middle, but it soon gives way to the rock. The songs on this side of the 7” have a very nice production value, as compared to the raunchy Flowers in the Attic side. RDE offers up three songs of math-metal delight, shifting time signatures a zillion times in less than 10 minutes.


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