A Crow Left Of The Murder


Incubus has always been the type of band who has achieved success and retained credibility, and with Brandon Boyd’s impassioned ranting about today’s pop stars on A Crow Left Of The Murder’s opening track, “Megalomaniac,” that trend looks set to continue.

Produced by Brendan O’Brien, this album is, as its title suggests, not an easy album to dip in and out of. But among the stellar playing and occasional experimental moment, songs like the intelligently written “Talk Shows On Mute” demonstrate Incubus’ capability. The song references George Orwell and the influences of Big Brother in modern society. On “Made For TV Movie,” Boyd declares an anti-war sentiment.

There’s no potential commercial breakthrough hit on A Crow Left of the Murder, but Incubus surely doesn’t care about that. Instead, they’ve made a challenging album that rewards repeat listens and perseverance.


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