International Deejay Gigolos

International Deejay Gigolos

International Deejay Gigolos

Volume 7


Electroclash, Techpop, No Wave, call it what you want, but, along with the American new rock revolution, it is the sound that has been whipping European dancefloors into a storm for the last couple of years. A basic electronic sound (often reminiscent of the Casio keyboards we all used to mess around on at school) with a nod to the modernists of the ’80s and a dash of DIY glam has been taking over the world. Sort of.

Of course, it’s been around for a long time before this little rise in public consciousness, and German DJ Hell has been around even longer. Germany has been at the heart of cutting edge dance music for the past decade (Berlin’s annual Love Parade is now the biggest dance event in the world) and is the center of operations for Gigolo Records, who have drafted in the Teutonic master to put together their latest compilation.

International Deejay Gigolos Vol. 7 begins, appropriately enough, with “The Creeps” by The Freaks, a two-note riff and a sultry hymn to obsession, and ends with Kim Peers’s dark hum “Think Feel.” On the way, there’s some trash-folk from The Psychonauts, a Depeche Mode homage by Experimental Products while Hell weighs in with his own metronomic psycho shake, “Keep On Waiting.” Perhaps the most well-known name here is that of Fischerspooner, but “LA Song” doesn’t quite have the majesty of their “Emerge” single. Far better are Britain’s own electro upstarts Pink Grease. Their “Manhattan On Fire” is a prime slice of mashed-up rock pop and the best thing here.

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