Jim Boggia

Jim Boggia

Jim Boggia

Six Song Sampler

David Passack Entertainment

A member of rootsy pop-rock band 4 Way Street, a writer and performer of ad jingles and a session musician for the likes of Juliana Hatfield and Amanda Marshall, it seems all that’s left for Jim Boggia to do is to write and record his own material.

This six-song sampler begins that quest, and showcases his soulful voice and quirky pop tunes impressively.

Infectious opener “Several Thousand” is a tune that actually first appeared on 4 Way Street’s Pretzel Park, while “So Full” is a ’60s-influenced mid-paced song that really grows on you after a few listens. “Weather” is an acoustic tune that pays homage to one of Boggia’s main influences, Simon and Garfunkel. “Three Steps At A Time” is an up-tempo acoustic number with a real soulful pop vibe, and although the piano ballad “Final Word” doesn’t particularly inspire, closing track “Show My Face Around” finishes things off nicely.

It remains to be seen how long it takes Boggia to record and release a full-length album, but when he does, on this evidence it should be worth the wait.

Jim Boggia: www.jimboggia.com

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