Monday’s Hero

Monday’s Hero

Love Carries An Ax


Here’s highbrow, concept rock at its worst. I rolled this through the CD player at least three times, searching for a chord sequence or lyric or something that clicks with me. All I come back to is a pedantic, overblown sound, with lead singers Robert Bock and Jay Warner growling over a similarly growling guitar line, with dense lyrics of indeterminate use. Now, the pacing does change, with songs occasionally speeding up or slowing down, but all the effects seem wasted. Each chord stands alone, unrelated to the next, or the previous drum beat, or the lyric of the moment. Each lyric seems shouted in a manner designed to tear both the singer’s vocal chords and the listener’s ear. Even the song titles seem designed to evoke a mood that never appears in the music, and a diffuse anger seems to creep out of the disc. WAITER! CHECK PLEASE! I need to find a better band to drink with.

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