Transistor Transistor / Wolves

Transistor Transistor / Wolves

Split EP

Level Plane

What we have here is a fun little split release from Level Plane, shared between the equally rockin’ and spastic Transistor Transistor and Wolves. While the artwork is simple and boring, the music is hot and violent! Yum!

Transistor Transistor is a screamy melodic hardcore band that comes off as a cross between pg. 99, Planes Mistaken for Stars and Drive Like Jehu. Being a fan of said bands, I enjoy the Transistor Transistor tracks immensely.

Wolves, which features former members of the legendary Orchid, also give the listener a spiteful taste of venomous melodic post-punk; their sound is much nastier and uglier than Transistor Transistor’s. Their delivery is a lot more violent. Strangely, their song titles are actually numbers.

I finished this split not being able to decide which band’s songs I enjoy more. I honestly enjoy both bands much more than I expected to. This is totally worth buying!

Level Plane Records:

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