Chilling News item about a new series of ads critisizing President Bush. The ads feature mothers who have lost children to the war in Iraq. My…well, I hesitate to say “my favorite,” but…the one I think is most effective:

“a California mother named Jane Bright, who remains livid about Bush’s rash “Bring ’em on!” challenge. “Mr. Bush,” she says, “I have no way of knowing whether the insurgent who killed my son ever heard your foolish taunt. But thanks to you, Mr. President, I have the rest of my life to wonder about it.”

A group of people who, as the writer says, you might think would be protected “from assaults by the right-wing patriotism police, but one would be wrong.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to see those ads run on CSI, Survivor, and Monday Night Football.

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