The Face Of Young Conservativism

The Face Of Young Conservativism

Video here of a WABC News story about the response a brave young Republican man had to a female protestor.

He kicked her. While she was being held on the ground. By three secret service agents.

If you watch the story, note three things. One, that one of the other Young Republicans is named “Taylor Bickford.” I think if your name is “Taylor Bickford,” you pretty much have to be a Young Republican.

Two, dig the absolutely delicious look on the kicker’s face when he’s informed that the reporter has him on tape kicking a woman .

Oh, and yes, another protestor may have hit a Young Republican in the face. But it seems there is some question as to whether this was deliberate or the accidental result of a scuffle. Either way, can we agree there is some difference between a fist or elbow thrown in anger and a man kicking a woman while other men hold her down? Neither is excusable, but I think it’s plain one is just a little bit worse than the other.


PS: I’m back, baby!

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