The Sound of the Crowd

Another Example Of What John Kerry Has Done To Me

He’s made me agree with 99% of an MSNBC blog entry by Joe Scarborough. Joe Scarborough, do you hear me? Joe Scarborough!

Of course, like the good little Republican he is in the bottom of his black little heart, when Joe makes statements like these–

“Americans know who George W. Bush is, for better or worse. And they really couldn’t care less what he was doing during the Vietnam War. All they care about is what he is going to do to win the war we are in with Islamic terrorists.”

–he leaves out the fact that by any reasonable standard, what George W. Bush has done to win that war is make us less safe. And divert funds , funds that might have been used for our protection so that he can go play with his GI Joe action figures in the sand.

Unfortunately, it’s fantasy to expect Joe Scarborough to make such a case, when the standard-bearer of the Democratic party can’t seem to do so with any passion or emphasis.

I feel it coming on. You know what it is, don’t you? All together, now: “If the Democratic party can’t beat George W. Bush, they ought to just quietly disband.”

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