Dead Rabbit

Dead Rabbit

Dead Rabbit

Sex Crimes

Dead Rabbit Records

White Guy Rappers, ya gotta love ’em. Their skin is white, but inside lurks Shaka Zulu’s heart. Right?

There are pros and cons with this interesting EP. He’s got the misogyny and graphic violence down pat, with the advantage of clearly enunciated upper-class white suburban English. If you’re gonna listen to this stuff, Dead Rabbit makes it clear what exactly is going down. (Does that sound edgy? I’m trying so hard.)

The best song here is “Casa Rebel,” a careful deconstruction of high school bullying and the Columbine-like results. Ignore the bullies? Easy when your not there every day and YOU don’t have to do the ignoring. Mr. Rabbit builds a careful case as to why gunning down the SOBs feels so good, but then resolves the problem by pointing out all those dead preppies will get parks named after them, and Sara McLaughlin will sing at their funerals. Now, is that really revenge?

The other tracks on this six song disc are less interesting, if equally well produced. The violence is more pointless, the story less conclusive, and songs like “Regime Change” and “GhettoBootyCat” re-plow ground previously covered by actual black rappers. It’s solid, but not outstanding. This guy has the details down. He even shows some promise. But he needs to spread out and find topics that showcase his talents. All women, sluts and bitches? Probably not, but in Dead Rabbit’s world, that’s the story. Period.

Ho hum.

Dead Rabbit:

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