A Rock and Roll Tragedy

Zero Velocity Records

I suspect this is an interesting record, but I really have to go on faith. First off, this ISN’T related to the ’70’s rocker Rick Derringer, but instead is 6 guys from Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a pounding musical style supported with lung ripping vocals. The lead vocalist goes by the interesting name Douglas Grim, and he has one basic singing style: screaming the microphone into saturation. That’s a real shame, because the lyrics penned by this group are clever, insightful and accurately capture a sad and depressing world. While you and I may or may not be that negative on life, these guys capture depression and suicide as artfully as anyone I’ve ever heard. However, you won’t figure that out unless you read the lyrics as you listen to the disc. They are completely lost. But it’s not the mix that’s at fault. The two guitarists, Alex Painter and Neil Demi, play interesting and well-balanced chords. Drummer Dave Parmer covers the kit with a controlled frenzy. These guys are very musical for a metal influenced band. Even the song titles are cool: “Hearts like Hand Grenades,” “Piano Wire Necklace” and the haunting “Color of Sadness.” I’m not ready to admit it’s too loud because I’m too old, but if they put a little padding in the vocalist’s microphone, I think they’d really have something here.


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