Funeral For a Friend

Funeral For a Friend

Funeral For a Friend

Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation

Warner Bros.

For a band that’s named after a Planes Mistaken for Stars song, they sure don’t sound anything like PMFS. Funeral for a Friend plays major label screamo, hair dyed jet black stuff that sounds a lot like Thursday: singy parts, screamy parts and lots of crunchy guitars.

FFAF’s music doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. The vocalist will be singing “whoa oh whoa,” then all of a sudden he’ll start screaming in a really tough voice. The whole time the band will be doing the same stuff: chugga crunch crunch guitars, off kilter drums, over-dramatic break-downs, etc. His transition from singng to screaming sounds forced and silly. I guess that’s the difference between Thursday and everyone else. When I listen to Full Collapse, the screams sound genuine. When I listen to these British emo guys, I don’t find them believable. Much in the same way that Poison, Warrant, White Lion and Ratt completely bastardized metal in the late 1980’s, bands like FFAF are taking melodic post-punk and slicking it up for the masses. The songs here rock, but I just can’t take this stuff seriously.

Funeral for a Friend:

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