Man Must Die

Man Must Die

Man Must Die

…Start Killing

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With a name like “Man Must Die,” you’d better bring some pretty heavy crap to the table, or you’re setting yourself up for some major shame. Thankfully, MMD is a pretty violent and crushing death metal band, think Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm. And, this album is appropriately titled.

One of the best parts about this band is that the growling vocalist often takes turns yelling back and forth with another higher pitched screamer, who sounds a lot like some of the puppets on Sesame Street (not Cookie Monster, though). I can’t tell if he’s having the conversation with himself, but it sounds really funny, with the high scream/growl, low growl dynamics back and forth. The band itself is heavy as all get out, with the guitars flying at lightning speed, while not sacrificing their love for melody. The drummer is an absolute machine, pounding and plodding away, and slamming the double bass with unbridled ferocity. The band plays super fast for the majority of the album, but they do break things down every once in a while to show that they can stomp and chug with the best of ’em.

Fans of the faster side of death metal will probably go crazy for this album. I typically prefer slower and sludgier death metal, but I took quite a liking to Start Killing. Just make sure you’re prepared to get rocked right out of your pants while listening to this, because it’s pretty freaking fast and violent.

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